Forecasting population, forest area and food production of World countries using an R Dashboard

Frame - Problem Statement

  1. What would be the population of various countries in the world until 2023?
  2. What Food quantity would we require to produce until 2023?
  3. What will be the Forest area and Agricultural area until 2023?
  4. How much food would be wasted until 2023?
  5. Forecast these data in an interactive graphical dashboard.

Acquire data

Data is acquired from Food and Agricultural Organization’s website FAO

Data downloaded was in zip format and it was further extracted into csv.

FAO Data

FAO Data


Downloaded data had to be refined since its struture was completely unusable for this analysis. Extracted zip file was exceeding 1 GB and it required a lot of normalization to be done before using it in R. So I used an SQL database to normalize this data and convert it into R friendly csv data that can be read into a dataframe.

Downloaded data Downloaded data

SQLite Database for FAO data